Our mission here at Top 3 Promotions is to provide every willing person the opportunity to stay fit and active in life by bringing states together via the hardwood with competitive basketball and fellowship. Reaching young adults one jumpshot at a time.

We have reached a point in this blessed process where we can move forward in establishing nationwide venues for all of our basketball teams to compete vigorously throughout the entire year and compete for cash prizes! 

This company is Veteran owned and operated. We look forward to facilitating a competitive but fun environment for all our members and staff. We take ethical stances on many issues to include giving back to our communities through affordable fitness and recreation. John Atkinson, the founder of Top 3 Promotions, had this to say when asked what he hoped for in this venture..

In an age where our youth are more inclined to spend their day indoors playing video games, I want to show everyone it’s still fun to get out and be active. Let’s teach our youth the values of playing on a team and why competitive sports are good for motivating themselves to do better in both their personal and professional life. AND for us as adults we still need to get out and be active!